Thursday, January 14, 2016

Ooooh, Shovelling Snow Is So Exhausting!

Actually I am being rather sarcastic.

In our last parish I had the equivalent of one side of a city block to shovel out every time it snowed: lots of walkway, the sidewalk, plus a giant area behind the garage to shovel a pathway for the car to keep it from becoming high centered on its way to the alley. Sometimes I had to shovel out the alleyway as well so we could get the car out to the street. It was a hoot and I had lots of great exercise all winter.

This morning I had to shovel here for the first time this winter. We finally had a good three centimetres of snowfall overnight, too heavy to broom away. Now we have such a teensy area to shovel it is kind of disappointing. It took me longer to haul my coat and boots from the front closet to the back door and put them on than it took me to shovel off the weensy back deck and four stairs to ground level! For good measure I swept after shovelling, mostly as an excuse to remain out of doors.

What a great winter thus far and in a couple of months it will be nearly over! I LOVE El NiƱo out here on the prairies. Just wish it wasn't wreaking such havoc on our neighbours to the south...

Off to clean house!

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