Thursday, January 14, 2016

Prayers Again...sigh...For My Mom This Time

My week is turning into a prayer vigil!

I was so looking forward to travelling to Weyburn with my husband this afternoon for the evening's installation service, but woke up feeling headachy after a rotten, uncomfortable sleep. As the day wore on, despite going out for errands and enjoying the day's pretty snowfall, I wasn't feeling any better, plus as it turned out the Bishop was free to go after all, so was not only planning to take my husband and me with him, but also another colleague. The highway conditions will likely be poor on the way back late at night and I am not a good traveller on snow covered highways in the dark.

All in all it seems my going along was not the best plan. Yup, I am disappointed, BUT, very glad I was here for a call from my mom I would otherwise have missed. Mom only has one kidney because she donated her other kidney to her sister over 30 years ago. Over the last few months her ankles have been swelling from water retention and after tests to ascertain it was not heart related, the next thing to be checked was the remaining kidney. Results were in today. Unfortunately the kidney has become sluggish lately. It could be from a blockage, such as a tumor, or it could simply require the help of a diuretic to get it moving more quickly, or it could be failing and in need of dialysis. Mom will have an ultrasound on Monday and hopefully have her results within a few days.

Mom is like me: get a plan in mind for worst case scenario. For mom that would be dialysis, after seeing her sister suffer through two years of it prior to the transplant that added over 18 years to her life. She has all ready decided that if that is the need, she will try it for awhile and see how she copes. However, I know the real reason she is only going to attempt dialysis, if necessary, for a short time: she wants to discern how my dad would cope on his own in the new residence and if it appears he will be able to manage she will stop the treatment and let herself pass into the next life.

Of course I am hoping and praying a diuretic is all that is needed. I admire mom's ability to face up to other possibilities and choose her own path should any of them turn out to be the truth. Her creatinine  levels are so good...we had no idea any other problems were on the horizon.

Thanks for praying for my mom. I so want her to be able to enjoy her new living quarters and all the new friends she is making.  There is always something health related going on it seems, in our family. However it is so rarely Mom who has long term scary issues. She has always been the steady rock for the rest of us. I continue to pray as I always have that Dad could go first. He wants that and so do we all, but you  never know what is going to happen in life.

Thanks for praying once again. When I hear next week what is going on, I will let you know.

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