Monday, January 4, 2016

Proud of ME! Tee Hee!

Up early this morning so my husband could return to work after his relaxing holiday. So, I took advantage of my day alone with the car at my disposal.

This morning I picked up a few groceries, went to a post office, looked for and eventually found a nice pair of navy dress pants and suddenly, just after completing my last errand, felt freezing cold, crabby and somewhat faint. Oops...too many hours had elapsed between breakfast and lunch. You don't often feel the effects of high blood sugar, but the low counts are difficult to miss once you learn to recognize them. So, I just happened to be only two blocks from Unique Bistro, so.....

I enjoyed my chicken burger AND I was NOT EVEN TEMPTED to order either the chai brûlée or the orange curd tart. Yippee!! I am very pleased about that. Getting back on track with my diet has not been difficult like I thought it would be. HAPPINESS!!

Today made up for the debacle that was yesterday's choir rehearsal. O dear.... Our poor director was still stranded on his holiday due to extreme illness. One of our choir gals was well able to accompany our undirected selves. The rest of us however seemed completely unable to hold up our end of the deal. What a mess! We couldn't find our notes, begin or end phrases together, or otherwise behave as though we have been practising together for the past FOUR months. Sigh....what on earth happened? It was like singing with a group of uncontrolled five year olds. Most embarrassing that we had a guest there to listen to us.  Half way through our third song she pulled a book out of her purse and read it through the rest of our rehearsal. Talk about a bad review......sigh..... Even though I was just one of the crowd I felt personally humiliated. The afternoon has me reevaluating my commitment for next autumn. I will finish off the rest of this term that ends with our May concert and then.....we'll see....

Sunny and quite warm again today...yay!

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