Saturday, January 30, 2016

Saturday Sunshine

What a beautiful, sunny, warm day we are having today.  I don't have the car so I can't really get out and enjoy it, but I can stand on the back deck and drink in the sunshine.  So lovely....on JANUARY 30th!!!!  Unreal!  Love it! There are a few too many ice patches yet to risk going for a walk alone, but by this time tomorrow some more of them will have melted away.

The prairie landscape right now, around our city, is one of ugly, deep brown mud and sopping tan coloured weeds and grasses, so I keep my eyes focused on the gorgeous blue sky.  The blue is a bit deeper than I am used to seeing in mid-winter so that in itself is wondrous to me.  Usually at this time of year on the prairies the blue is pale, insipid, uninspiring.  Today, it is motivating to get outside even if standing on the deck is all I can do to enjoy  it.

I got the vacuuming done this morning, the floors washed, had a good discussion with my husband about his sermon tomorrow.  He has gone to the office for awhile before heading off for a bowling event with the city-wide Anglican youth group, a bible lesson game and supper with them, before heading off to Beer, Bacon and Bands over at Conexus Centre for the evening, along with the husband of a parishioner and his friend.  What a crazy, busy day he is having but he is feeling pretty well and so is enjoying it all.  The two days off each week together after his busy Sundays seem to be just what he needs to regroup and work very hard the following five days.

Of course, three weeks into the new days off routine, there is an adjustment to be made this week. hahaha  Of course we knew that would happen from time to time.  He and another fellow who have been working on one of the outstanding aboriginal land deals the diocese is getting sorted out, have to head out to  Lumsden to meet with some of the band elders and get working on it. That is the only time all of them are available to meet together.  This week though it is okay.  He has to take Friday afternoon off to go to his doctor's follow up appointment and if the news is not good he will be just as happy to come right home afterward, rather than have to go back to the office...originally his appointment was Friday morning but the clinic had to change it.  I think that is better for him, bad news or good news, as he can just come home afterward and process whatever the doctor has to say.  I will have my own processing to do, that is for sure.  

Well, I am going to go and practise my choir songs now, then get the rest of my dinner preparations done.  Since my husband is away for the evening drinking beer, eating bacon creations and surviving the local band scene with his new friends, I have invited our dear, hilarious, warm hearted Bishop's wife over for dinner.  She is a great soul and such fun to get together with.  There is not a snooty bone in her body.  I love her to pieces.

My broken hip happened just as we were starting to secure some new friendships and the time out to heal has interferred with making new friends here. So, it is time to get back to calling folks up and inviting them over for dinner or out for coffee and reminding them we are still here and still ready to enjoy deepening those relationships.  I am more mobile now, far less pain and discomfort each day and I am mentally ready to get back into life here in Regina.  YAY!

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