Thursday, January 7, 2016

Shaking With Relief

O glorious day! It seems the possible, likely cancerous, tumor we asked for prayer about is a benign cyst after all. Considering the medical history of the person involved it is no wonder we were so worried and are now so incredibly relieved. Over the next few weeks more tests will be done to confirm the diagnosis, but so far the news is wonderful! Thanks to those of you who prayed along with us. Whew!

My husband and I both slept wonderfully well last night.

Today he and the Bishop are headed out of town to meet with a priest. They can share the driving, have a chance to discuss strategic planning, deal with work email and pray together.

I am deciding between either running some out of the house errands before the outside temperature takes a plunge tomorrow or getting a good start on cleaning house. I am thinking maybe the errands will win out because my husband will be home tomorrow preparing an English trifle for the Bishop's Epiphany party tomorrow night. In other words there will be cake and custard everywhere, dirty dishes will abound and the doormats will refill with sand from his trips to and from the grocery store. That is so annoying to have to re-vacuum the mats ans re-wash the kitchen floors the day after doing them the first time. Yes, errands it is!

Better get a move on in that case. It is blood testing day, I need a shower and a thorough hair treatment, physio and breakfast dishes await.

O how I am dreading the return to more normal January temperatures. The weekend sounds like it will be brutal. I am disappointed to have the change happen the weekend of running about on both days for choir rehearsals, set up for the concert, the concert....I hate to admit I will just be happy when the concert is over. The concert itself is fine, but the hoopla, extra work and cost and time consumption of the rest of the extravaganza is not what I realized I was signing up for.

Well, at least I know exactly how my next few days will be spent now that I have picked errands for today's fun and games.

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