Friday, January 15, 2016

Snow Snow Snow...FINALLY!!

The flatscape surrounding us is at last getting a few centimeters of snow.  We have had almost 5cm since yesterday and it has just started coming down once again.  I have to say that despite the inconveniences presented for walking and driving, I do love the sight of the white snow covering everything.  It looks so much better than the autumn BROWN that seems to be the colour of absolutely every bit of landscape by October each year and for most of March.  Yukko!!

Didn't have a bad sleep last night despite my upset about mom's health issues.  However I am finding it difficult to focus.  I had planned to start dusting and other housework by 9:30am.  Now it is 10:15am and I am still sitting here blogging, emailing and playing a wickedly difficult level on a computer game.

Sigh...GOTTA get some work done today...GOTTA!!!

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