Sunday, January 17, 2016

So Sweet!

This morning one of our teens read the scriptures. The poor kid had it sprung on her at the last possible second and had no time to look the passages over ahead of time. As a result, the word "utterance" became "ooterance", "discernment " became "diskrepnant" and so on. It was adorable. She was so nervous, but really tried her best.
Our other fun today was with a Roman Catholic polka band, (yup, I DO mean polka band), who brought their brand of music to our worship songs and sung responses. Okay, not really my style, BUT, the response from our congregation was so positive that our worship team at last caught the vision my husband has been attempting to put before them for a bit livelier and more modern music. Thank you extremely odd but talented polka band! My mind is still spinning over having a polka band at an Anglican service, but I will get over it. They are lovely people with a real heart for Jesus so the rest doesn't matter. It was not a boring service, that is for sure!
Bitterly cold today, but the car started with no problems before and after service. It sat unplugged for an extra long time while we ate a delicious lunch provided by the Women's Guild.
My husband is mending his moccasins and repairing the zipper on my winter coat. Not quite the rest I hoped for him after church before he heads over to the office to sort files, but useful projects.
Well, off I go to the basement to start sorting hundreds of cans and bottles for recycling some time in the next week, whenever the depot is prepared to take a load of this size. My husband keeps planning to do the sorting but he is very busy. I enjoy mundane tasks. It will be a good use of my afternoon!

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