Monday, January 11, 2016

Survived the Concert, Yay!

Our choir concert went fairly well last night. My husband enjoyed it more than he thought he would, so that is saying something....something positive! We only made one glaring error as a group, but it was covered up quickly and few in the audience realized what we had done to disgrace ourselves. The chocolate fondue was a wildly popular hit to our sold out audience, but my husband discerned a drop in choir energy after we delivered the food, then sat to listen to one of our members tell a cute story while people were eating. The whole event wrapped up in just over 90 minutes, so no one was bored.

A comment was shared with me just before I went home that so many in the choir are apparently pleased I am there with a peacemaker sort of attitude. It seems there have been some personality clashes and power struggles in the past in the group, so a newcomer is eyed with suspicion until she proves herself willing and able to be a team player. That explains some of the feelings I sensed the first couple of months I was there, feelings of discomfort and not fitting in. Recently it began to change and now I know why. There is also something happening on a spiritual plane in the group and it is slowly becoming clear I am there for ministry more than for my own enjoyment. The comment last night confirmed it and I finally have a peace about continuing my participation. There are a number of lonely folk in our group who need someone to talk to and as usual, that is becoming my role. It is a true privilege. Lots of people to pray for....

Of the nine tickets I sold, four of my guests did not show up. Two of them were called away and gave their tickets to other friends, so it was nice to meet new people I didn't know previously. I suspect the others either forgot about it all together, weren't well, or more likely just didn't feel like it. I only wish they had let me know in that case, so I could have purchased their tickets back and given them to the ticket takers last night. We were completely sold out and had to turn people away at the door. Those unused tickets would have come in handy.

Well, onward we go. No rehearsal next weekend and then we resume for the spring session. I am more than ready for some new music. I am feeling settled at last about my involvement in the choir as it seems now to have a higher purpose than just my own fun.

It's all good!

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