Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Tee Hee Dear Husband!

My husband had his own small adventures yesterday, haha...

A couple of days ago he thoughtfully shovelled a path through the snow from our back deck, across the lawn to the car. He levelled it. He smoothed the top of the snow along the path....oh so even and easy for me to walk on, ever so careful not to expose the grass underneath. However, it is also serving another purpose...for the local jackrabbit. What a perfect place to poop! What nicer than a level, smooth bit of ground where his itsy bitsy bunny butt doesn't have to bury itself in a cold snow bank to do its business! hahaha You wouldn't believe the amount of bunny poo all along the path this morning. There isn't so much as a dollop anywhere else along the broad expanse of snow covered lawn along the parking lot. Goose poop and bunny poo....what a great service our property is providing to bird and mammal...sigh.

My husband did well driving home last night through thick fog, on some very icy stretches of highway. He made good time despite road conditions, but had a bit of an accident just before arriving home. Leaving the highway on our exit ramp his passenger tires caught in a deep ridge of snow left behind by the plough earlier in the evening. The impact propelled the car right off the road and threw it over into the opposite ditch. Fortunately the speed of the spin pushed the car right through the ditch and back up onto the highway where, also fortunately, there was a break in the traffic so my husband avoided smashing into other vehicles. Whew! I knew when he got home something interesting had happened because before he came inside he was hauling huge chunks of packed snow out of the wheel wells. Very relieved he and the car are just fine!

Hopefully today will just be calm...boring even; no exploding roasters, no cars skidding through ditches, no poop to scoop. Physio, blood testing, company for lunch and getting medical forms prepared and faxed will be sufficient unto the day for me!

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