Thursday, January 28, 2016

Temporary Good News From My Mom

My mom just contacted me.

As I suspected, she waited until she had seen the doctors and gotten all her ducks in a row before calling me.

All her tests results are in: ultrasound, blood labs, urine specimens, etc. etc. etc.  In a nutshell the news at present is there is only minor deterioration, some fluid draining measures are in place for now and if anything, there has been a slight improvement in some of her symptoms.

So, unless she notices more changes in the meantime, all her tests will be redone in 3 months' time and, if there is even the slightest change for the worse she will be at a kidney specialist of her GP's choosing within a matter of days and the possibility of dialysis will be raised at that time. 

Her GP and other lab consultants were expecting far worse results right now than they found and were trying to prepare her for and she is certainly supposed to be keeping a sharp eye on her symptoms over the coming weeks, but the doctor told her it seems her body has bought itself another 3 months without the spectre of imminent dialysis after all.  He was very surprised at the tiny amount of deterioration detected in the kidney, but it could change at any time.  My shy mom bravely told him how many people have been praying for her and he told her it was probably part of the reason for her having more positive results than anyone expected.

I am not a person who has any great expectation of miraculous healing from the Lord...don't get me wrong, I believe in miracles and have seen at least two in my lifetime, but I do believe we sometimes get some tinier answers to prayers about health.  The Lord decides to give us more time with our families for whatever reason of his own and I believe this may be one of those times.

Whatever all is involved in that invisible connection between body and spirit, it seems Mom has received some kind of assistance through prayer.  Perhaps she will not make it the 3 months until the next set of tests; she has been warned about that possibility, BUT she is so much more positive, so relieved to have any number of extra days of being able to enjoy her life to the fullest and enjoy her new residence along with Dad.

I am positively giddy!!  The stress has been unbelieveable, as it always is when a parent is dying.  If my husband can now get results from his own tests that indicate a fixable problem my stress level will drop even farther.  His too..........

So, thank you for your prayers, praying friends and family.  We are all feeling more of a sense of hope we had lost as we tried to prepare ourselves for the worst to happen more or less immediately.

Amazing grace.........


Jo Anne said...

Amazing Grace, indeed. This reminds me of the prayer group we both took part in a few decades ago--Amazing Grace. Remember how many prayers were answered for the people we prayed for? It taught me how important it was to pray, especially in groups. And it taught me to trust in God's 'Amazing Grace'.

Susan said...

O Wow....good memories Jo Anne!I DO remember that very special group. What special times those were, eh? I miss that group and I remember the amazing answers to some pretty desperate prayers. Thanks for the memory!