Saturday, January 16, 2016

Thank You Son

Our son called last night for a good long chat. With all the stress and anxiety about my mom, it was therapeutic to be able to talk about it as a family unit while we wait over the next week for her test results.

Hearing his stories about teaching his students and his course curriculum was cheering, got our minds off the scary stuff, had us laughing and enjoying ourselves. He is busy at his gallery job right now, as well as being immersed in his visa application and his new body of paintings. Somehow he managed to find five date nights in a row with five different women, so it is good to know he is making a teensy bit of room for a social life, haha....

I felt re-energized after talking to him, completed a project I had been unable to concentrate on and actually had a decent sleep last night! He has a calming influence on both of us.

Speaking of calming influences, it is nearly 10am and my newly calmed husband is still asleep! I better wake him. Saturdays are work days now and he has a string of phone calls to make this morning, a sermon to complete and office work waiting to be done later tonight. Up and at 'em buddy! I need to get some work accomplished too!

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