Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Chill of a Lifetime

For some reason we both slept poorly last night. We both woke up for the day just before 4:30am. My husband realized he will be returning to the reality of employment this afternoon when he returns to the office to put away all his files from the big move to a new space, so his mind was churning with plans for the new year at work.  He has so enjoyed all these consecutive days with so little responsibility.

For me the lack of sleep occurred because my body felt chilled, completely and thoroughly chilled "to the bone"!  Extra blankets on the bed warmed my outer body, but even a mug of hot herbal tea at 5am did not thaw my frozen insides. I turned up the thermostat. I put a fuzzy robe over my nightgown. I put calf length cotton socks on my feet. I put on the bedside lamp and read a book until I was bleary eyed, finally dozing off for a full seven minutes before waking up again. My husband didn't even get another seven minutes of sleep. We toughed it out until 7:15am before calling it quits on getting any more sleep. I assumed that eating breakfast, with the accompanying rise in blood sugar would warm me up, but no dice.  

Now I am praying and hoping I am not fighting a cold or other illness. A week from today is my choir concert. Please God, do not let me be ill and unable to sing next Sunday evening! All the work with the music, all the money I have spent on the snacks and photocopying and for next week's big chocolate fondue at the concert, all the tickets purchased by out of town friends....aiiii yiiii...not the time to get my first real cold in a couple of years! 

I am holding onto the fact that in the past couple of years I have had two other similar scares, but was able to ward off a developing illness each time. Must try that again. So, back to bed for the rest of the morning, giant bottle of water to drink between now and noon in my hand, Vicks Vaporizer at the ready.  I cannot get a cold until January how!

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