Wednesday, January 27, 2016

This Is Saskatchewan, NOT Alberta, RIGHT??

Our weather today is similar to an Alberta chinook! I think they call it an Alberta Clipper here. Overnight the temperature came up above zero and the rain began.  We were up to +2C by 9am, now we are topping out for the rest of the day at +1C! That is PLUS one. On January 27th. In Saskatchewan!

Well, we are certainly grateful we had a free coupon for our nearly $12 car wash yesterday because by the time my husband returns from his work day at dinner time tonight, the car will be as filthy as it was before the wash. The snow and ice melt on the streets has created a brown, dirty slush that every passing car is now covered with. Yecch!!! Pooey!!

Loving the blue, cloudless sky today.  Dreading the freeze up that is coming, along with more rain showers, at the end of this week.  Even at that the temperatures will still only be in the minus mid teens, but unless we get gale force winds before and after the next predicted rainfall on Friday, it is going to be a skating rink outside for the rest of the winter. How fortunate we have been to have avoided the usual 5 months of ice underfoot.  If we get a few weeks' worth, well that is life on the prairies in winter.  It has to happen at some point.

Finally had a visit from one of my next door neighbours yesterday.  As we suspected, sadly the little family is splitting up and mom and baby can no longer afford to live in this complex.  O how we will miss them all.  It is an amicable me a sort of oxymoron...but we wish them all well. If we can get new neighbours anywhere near as perfect as they have been we will be blessed indeed.

Had a good sleep last night that has me feeling more positive about life today.  A friend emailed me this morning, listing all the stresses in my life over the past few months, in order, reminding me of all that has been going on...and those are only the stresses everyone knows about...and also reminding me that I am actually a pretty tough cookie.  Thanks my friend, I needed that! I AM a tough cookie. God has transformed me over the past 5 decades to ensure that I AM able to cope with life and all its trials.  Yay God!!

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