Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Urgent Prayer Request For a Friend's Safety

Asking for prayer today for a young woman and her small child, for their safety and for God's intervention in the broken relationship with the father of the child, who is an addict and today is on his way to see them after a long absence...well, actually they ran to protect themselves and he has located them and is expecting to see them today, plus take a road trip as a family a couple of hours away to see his is not a good thing on the surface. The result of the woman agreeing to bring the child to see this man and possibly being weak willed enough from fear and continued denial about his state of mind, to also agree to take this little road trip, could be devastating.  I am worried sick today about them all. Thanks for praying. It may be awhile before I have an update, so don't stop praying if it is a few days before I get any news. Thanks EVER SO MUCH!

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