Saturday, January 2, 2016

When "It's For The Best" Can Be A Bit Disappointing

My husband has been proud of himself for refusing to check his work email account for the entire holiday.  I have been proud of him too.

Only one small problem: this morning when he HAD to open the account to get some information he needed, he discovered several social invitations from fellow clergy buddies and their wives to get together over the holiday season; open houses for their friends and what have you.  Sigh.....we were tempted to feel a bit disappointed because when you are new to a city you want to take every opportunity to cement relationships.

However, our God is not so small as to be unable to nudge us in the right direction. Based on past experience, had it been better for us to be out socializing than to be taking on some extreme rest this past week, He would have been well able to give us the idea that we should be elsewhere doing other things.  As soon as we remembered that simple fact we relaxed and we don't feel at all disappointed any more.

Now that we actually live here with these friends old and new, we can arrange to see them any time we like.  Even though we have been here nearly a year now it has been difficult to release the idea that we have to drive all over the western prairies to see any friends, to do bulk shopping for things we couldn't get in our last town of residence, to let go of the panic that instantly occurs if we think we have lost the chance to see someone or do something special because we couldn't drive to a different town in time to see people or attend an event. Everyone and everthing that we need, apart from our family members, is right here in the city or less than an hour's drive away.

Our gut reaction when we found the invitations for socializing that we missed out on was the old panic reaction.  Remembering our location and the abilities of our God to communicate calmed the acid reflux reaction and gave us a good laugh at ourselves.  At some point we WILL understand that we actually LIVE here among friends! hahaha

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