Monday, January 25, 2016

Yay Warm Days of Fun!

It has been warm enough the past couple of days to get the snow and ice close to melting.  We have a couple of days later this week with above zero highs forecast.  That will be great during the day time hours, but wicked when it all refreezes overnight. For now I am just enjoying having so many days in January that are warmer than -40C, -20C, even -10C!!  A little sunshine would be welcomed, but hey, I am NOT complaining this winter.

Sunday was a fun day. Church went well.  Then in the afternoon I enjoyed returning to choir while my husband worked together with his United Church cousin on the final service for a Week of Christian Unity at Living Spirit Centre.  He enjoyed working together and the service went well.  

I am stoked about our choir songs for this term.  We are doing some light jazz mostly and a couple of '70's pop songs that I loved then and still love now.  Unfortunately we have lost a handful of members who are not prepared to deal any longer with our or two of them have a right to what they are feeling and I understand their actions, the rest need to grow up and act their age, in my opinion which may not be worth a lot.  We do have a new member in our alto section and she is an excellent singer as well as being a very nice person.  Now that I am more involved I am not impressed with the level of immaturity that seems to characterize our group and hope we can rise beyond it eventually.  Since the director seems to have chosen me to pick on this term I am praying I can model maturity and forgiveness and a general, "no worries, he is who he is" attitude.  We need that, apparently.

Back to physio exercises this morning after a good weekend break to heal up the stressed muscles.  It felt great and I can see real improvement today once again.  After physio I did some grocery shopping and risked crossing the bumpy, snowy lawn between the car and the house without my cane, while I carried in the bags.  It felt GREAT!!!!  I can't do it once the temperatures drop and the lawn regains its icy coating, but for today it was a fabulous, freeing experience. Moving slowly is the key, placing each foot down flat before adding body weight...if I discipline myself to not race too quickly I will be fine.  Racing is how I got myself into this fix and the last one, so hopefully I have finally learned my lesson.

My husband is engrossed in a long and deep theological discussion with a friend in Ontario and this afternoon is meeting one of his colleagues to discuss the message of yesterday afternoon's speaker at the Week of Christian Unity service....the good and not so good points from the perspective of Anglican theology.  

I want to get my new cell phone "hooked up" today. It has been 2 weeks since we purchased it, so best get to it.  I am not good at these things, easily confused by what the installers on the phone are asking me to do, but all the cell phones other than my husband's work phone are registered to me, so....

At some point in the next couple of days we are going to go out for a meal.  It seems that getting out of the house is the only way we can get uninterrupted time to talk.  Now that so many people have become aware of my husband having regular days off, it seems they have decided these are the days to call him for long talks, or meet with him over work related projects they have opinions about....sigh.....  I am going to have to take a stand if this keeps up, for both our sakes.  I would like to spend some time with my own husband OCCASIONALLY on his days off, just occasionally!! haha

Hope all is well where you live and work today.

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