Friday, February 12, 2016

And Again With the Cheering Sunshine!

What a glorious day today! Although it is only -14C outside and feels much colder with the wind chill, I am thrilled to see the sunshine once again today.  The sunshine has been present since early this morning.  How it energizes me!  After telling my husband I wouldn't be cleaning house today after all, partly due to a sore hip and a short night's sleep combined with pure laziness of mind, the sunshine restored my motivation to work.  It is 1:30pm and all I have left to do is dust the last two upstairs bedrooms.  I cleaned all morning, took a break for lunch and some newcasts, then headed upstairs to begin again there.

I feel SO good, sore hip and all.  I think all the walking I did earlier this week on cement sidewalks, concrete mall concourses and paved parking lots added a dimension of "foot slamming" into my routine as I tend to walk rather heavily.  However, what is physio for if not to prepare me to return to real life's events, eventually without using the cane outside at all??!!?  

So, another break is coming to an end. I need to go finish up the dusting in those two rooms and then decide if I feel like braving the "cold" to go to the bank and pay a bill that could actually wait until next week.  The sunshine makes me feel like going out even though the car was not plugged in last night during the -20C middle hours and that will make for a very cold start up.  

Well, the decision will have to wait until the dusting is done!  Thank you sunshine for your motivating powers.

And from the little book of prayers, previously mentioned:

"Lord, the beauty of the earth reveals Your glory.  Thank You for the smile of a child, the touch of my beloved's hand, the warmth of our home.  I am grateful for the love of friends and meaningful work. Thank You for Your many blessings." 

(including the sunshine!)

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