Sunday, February 14, 2016

Another Dear Friend in Need of Prayer

I am sorry to bother all those of you who pray with me so often with yet another request, and again for someone very few of you would even know, but your prayer support is vital to those in grief.

One of our chief musicians from our former parish just lost her adult daughter to a massive brain aneurysm and heart attack.  It was a few days ago, the funeral took place this weekend.  I just found out from her mother, our pianist.  Please pray for the family of Janna who are stunned and heart broken.  She and her mother were the best of friends and her mother's heart is broken.  Bless her, she has decided to get on with life, ministering as usual to other seniors in the local nursing homes and lodges with her music.  I cannot imagine my son dying ahead of me, but it happens to so many parents.  Your prayers for Kay would be most appreciated.  Thank you...AGAIN!

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