Friday, February 19, 2016

Another Wonderful Indian Restaurant

Last night after work my husband and I returned to the licensing bureau and hopefully, finally, straightened out his change of address on his driver's license. Then we headed east to the Best Buy store to return some redundant office supplies, also successful.

By then it was 6pm and I needed to eat. My husband announced we were going out for dinner. Where to go at the peak of the family dinner hour that would not require a half hour wait for a table? We tried a couple of places, but the lineups were long. About the time we decided to go home for scrambled eggs and toast, my husband noticed a small neon sign in a strip mall on the other side of the major thoroughfares from where we were.

The sign was for Dawat Indian restaurant. We looked for it on my husband's last day off work, but never did locate it. We didn't notice too many vehicles in its parking lot, so we threaded our way through the last of the rush hour traffic to give the place a try. It came highly recommended to us by an Indian friend so we planned to eat there at some point.

What a wonderful meal we enjoyed there! The dinner buffet looked delicious and it absolutely was. The diced green salad was cool and refreshing when scooped up on pieces of papad with dabs of cilantro/mint sauce. The tandoori chicken had an extra addition of a salty rub and was well cooked. I often find the tandoori under cooked, but this was perfect. The black dal perfectly complemented both the white rice and the mildly spiced biryani. The butter chicken had cubes of "real" chicken, rather than the rubbery wee chunks that are common here and there were plenty of them in the delicious, spicy sauce. The goat curry was absolutely marvellous. I am not a great gran of goat as a rule, but I certainly liked this curried dish. There was a pan of noodles with onion and tomato, cabbage with peas, teensy mashed potato patties, nicely cooked pakoras and samosas, curried peas and potatoes, saag paneer, gulab jamin and the best Indian rice pudding I have had in a long time: it was full of actual dessert rice, not just a few grains floating in the milky sauce, yummy!

Dawat advertises its menu as South India, North Indian and Indo-Chinese. What fun we will have in the future returning and checking out the entire menu. If the regular evening buffet is any indication we are going to have yet another favourite restaurant in this little city.

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