Saturday, February 13, 2016

Best Day of Rest in a Long Time

I never did get around to practising my music today.  I figured that I would just be frustrated when I go to rehearsal tomorrow and discover the director has once again changed the way we are singing something, or has decided we are NOT singing something I have all ready learned.  Until I get to the bottom of what is going on under the surface of that group that is causing me such odd stress, I am going to play it cool and just sing at rehearsals until he decides what exactly we are doing.  The trouble with discernment gifts is that occasionally the details stay hidden for awhile and in the meantime there is emotional upheaval until the root of the problem is exposed.

Anyway, for the first time in a couple of months I took a true day of rest.  My knee has been bothering me all week.  The stress of walking on it so oddly and the weak damaged muscles all around it from the broken hip fiasco caused it to crater over the course of the last week. The hip is fine but the knee....oooowwweeee!!  

Instead of singing for an hour before lunch I read quite a few more pages in my book. Then I spent the entire afternoon watching movies on tv. I so enjoyed watching Richard Dreyfus and Tatiana Maslany in "Dylan and Cas".  What a sweet movie.  It wasn't quite as hokey as many of the intergenerational road trip movies are. The situations that arose between the characters as they supposedly drove across several Canadian provinces (sorry directors and producers, but Sudbury Ontario does NOT look one whit like Winnipeg) were at least somewhat believeable in comparison to other similar, types of movies I have seen over the years. Enjoyable script and good acting....yup, I did have fun watching it.

The other movie I watched was the updated version, 2015, of "Far From the Madding Crowd". It was okay, but far too "feel good" compared to the book and compared to the first movie,1967, starring Julie Christie, Peter Finch, Alan Bates and Terence Stamp, which was far more true to the original novel and captured well its haunting, despairing overtones.  The new movie starring Carey Mulligan just didn't have the same depth or emotional impact.  The acting was fine, the casting was just okay... but it seemed to lack depth somehow compared to the casting and script of the 1967 film. There is no comparison between Julie and Carey in terms of character interpretation. Julie reigns supreme!  Just my opinion, ya' know....

I pulled together a last minute stir fry for dinner tonight, the rice was a tad "el dente" unfortunately but my husband was too hungry to care, thank goodness.  

My knee is feeling much better after the enforced rest and I should be able to get through tomorrow's duties without too much problem.  

I am on standby for setting the altar in the morning in case neither of the scheduled ladies are there.  Committments today and this evening may keep them out of town overnight. Hopefully I will get it right on my own.  My dear husband had me so confused the first time I did it and I don't want a repeat.  I will figure out what is necessary at this church altar on my own.  haha

Monday is Family Day here in Saskatchewan so a few of the stores and restaurants are actually closing in honour of the day!  YAY!  My husband will be able to stay home and enjoy a day of complete rest like I had today.

Have a VERY HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY EVERYBODY!  And if you don't have another human for a valentine, remember that Jesus loves you more than any human being can anyway.  It's true!! You are NOT alone! Rejoice!!

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