Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Big Blessings!

Despite continued warm winter weather, today could have been depressing due to a third day in a row of overcast skies, but it has been like a jolly holiday instead. Yay!

The morning was spent successfully completing communications with an insurance company and getting a glitch repaired with our phone. My husband decided we had spent enough time at home, so off we went for a light lunch at Ripplinger's...less than spectacular, but tasty and low calorie with big salads.

After lunch we had a lot of fun at Bulk Barn seeking out cholesterol free crispy snacks for my husband, shopping for new jeans and purses, doing some banking, buying bedding at Jysk and chatting, chatting, chatting. We always have such fun together on his days off.

We arrived home to an invitation for me to go to Moose Jaw tomorrow with some of the Synod office gals. They have some business to do there and we are going out for lunch. My job is to pick the restaurant. That will be fun for me.

Then our phone rang with another wonderful message for us both: if we sign another one year lease the management company will reduce our rent by one hundred dollars a month for the next twelve months. Talk about a huge relief. It will be a big help.

I am grateful for the regular two days off per week for my husband. His energy level has gone up again. His memory is improving and he is happy again. Our times of visiting are more relaxed and when we go out for errands or events we are both more prepared to just enjoy whatever is going on.

Thank you Lord for our many, many blessings...even the simple blessing of being able to live a more normal/usual life after decades of topsy turvy craziness.

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