Friday, February 26, 2016

Brrrrr....Back To Urban Life

Yesterday, while I was shopping in a hardware store, four masked and armed gunmen were demanding money and electronics in a heist happening just across the parking lot at another retail outlet.  Brrrr....back to urban life!  The relative safety of the islolated community we moved here from does look pretty good on occasion. As long as you didn't get in the way of the local drug community you were pretty safe there and it stayed "underground" most of the time.  It was easy to avoid.  Slowly I am again getting used to the daily news reports of murder and arson and armed robbery happening all around me.

Dad is improving. He is still in hospital but is getting more mobile again with his walker, going up and down the hallways there.  Mom is enjoying every moment alone that she can.  Hoping for another more detailed report today or tomorrow.

I spent a good deal of time on the phone with out of town friends yesterday.  It was refreshing and fun.  It also gave me the excuse I needed to give myself for taking most of the day off from doing one whit of work around the house once I got home from the morning shopping and banking chores. I just feel tired from not sleeping very well the past few nights.

This morning it was time to get up at 6:30am again, this time so I could race off to the lab for my quarterly diabetes tests. Today was the short list so I thought I would be home plenty early. Wow, was I ever wrong!  For some reason a lot more people than usual showed up to line up outside the lab before it opened at 7am and there were all ready 12 folk ahead of me when I got into line.  Breakfast was a long time coming this morning after I finally got in, tested and back home. My husband made himself late for work waiting for me to come home so he could be sure I had not fallen on the ice over in the lab parking lot. My mundane breakfast fare has never tasted so wonderful after the long wait for it!

Now it is time to head out east to the many hardware stores there.  I found one plaster owl to put on our back deck in an attempt to scare the poopy gooses away this spring and I want to get one more.  Unfortunately it is too early for the new garden stock to be in, but there are a few leftovers from last year so I did find one in Canadian Tire at an exorbitant price....but I would rather pay it than spend my sunny days avoiding dark green shat trying to walk to my car.

The sun has been shining all week and wow, does it ever improve my temperament!  The grey skies on top of family health stresses were making me feel downright crabby!

So, the stores out to the east will all be open now and it is time to cruise! Here's hoping I can find one more owl for the back deck....if one is sufficient to scare away the geese, two should be even better.  Thank you to my husband's brother in law for the good suggestion!

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