Friday, February 5, 2016

D-Day (D is for Doctor)

O ye of little faith....

That is how we are feeling today after my husband's dismal sleep last night due to health stress and my own churning stress gut that hit me right after breakfast.

For a couple who have seen so many amazing, nearly miraculous, answers to prayer (two actual miracles ARE included) we are wimping right out as we await finding out my husband's test results later this afternoon.  

One friend pointed out to me that, being human and all, it isn't strange that we would be so worried and frightened after all the terrifying health issues and equally terrifying possible health issues that have cropped up in our family over the past few months.  Worry about health can become a habit and we certainly have developed that bad habit in a hurry.

The latest news is of a favourite uncle whose body and mind are becoming so ravaged by Parkinsons disease that he just wants to walk off his balcony and die.  Unfortunately in order for him to walk off the balcony, or walk anywhere at all, he has to have medical assistance. His province has no "right to die" legislation.  He has no faith at all to sustain him so I can only imagine the absolute terror he feels as he contemplates his dismal future.

We have hit "that age" where health concerns start to dominate every facet of life; our own personal concerns, as well as those of our age peers and the more elderly rels.

My husband's appointment is very late this afternoon.  It is going to be a long day.  We both feel so stupid and will feel even more stupid if we find out the concern relates to something relatively "fixable".

So, lots of praying going on today...for my husband's test results and also for our stresses to get back into line where they belong regardless of what we find out today. Health issues come and go, God and his loving care remain the same yesterday, today and forever.  (reminder to self!)

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