Friday, February 26, 2016

Dad's Home!

I am delighted that Dad has now arrived home from the hospital.  He got in twenty minutes ago and phoned me immediately.  He sounds well....another escape from what we all thought was his inevitable departure from this earth....and he has "fessed up" to lying about the TIAs he insisted he DIDN'T have!  Now we can all just be honest for once about the situation.  The doctor from the hospital has completely redone his meds after consultation with his regular GP and his heart specialist and the pharmacy that has handled his meds for a few decades.  Next week he will visit his GP and have a phone consultation with the heart specialist.  Wow, this emergency room doctor has been on top of things right from the time of his admission.  We are all very impressed with her.

I can't help but giggle at mom, just a wee bit.  She is glad Dad is well enough to be at home, but she is also struggling somewhat with the possible loss of her freedom of movement once again.  However, Dad is actually very happy that Mom has been getting to know some of the other folk in the facility and is delighted that she is no longer spending her time alone watching tv every minute of the day.  I am thrilled he is finally loosing the strings at least a bit so that she can enjoy her life more doing things she wants to do that don't interest him much.  Perhaps it is because she can do them within the confines of the building that has helped him allow her these new freedoms. Whatever it is, I am genuinely grateful for it.

So time to email the grandson and let him know his Grandfather has left hospital.  Then I am going to go and admire the beautiful second owl statue I purchased this morning.  The two of them together are an imposing looking pair.  I bought this new one at the Canadian Tire on the east side of the city, right near The Breakfast Bistro, and it WAS close to the noon hour when I was up there so........yummy chicken burger and caesar salad for lunch.  Just couldn't resist the temptation.........hohoho!! A few extra carbs was my treat after a very early trip to the lab this morning for my quarterly tests! 

Now I am tired, so I am going to just rest and relax after my physio exercises.  Hopefully the next set will arrive from my physiotherapist by Monday.  I have noticed a huge difference in my pain and discomfort levels just in the past week. Suddenly going up stairs without my cane is easier, I have longer stretches both sitting and standing where I am not aware of any physical is most encouraging.  I am walking outside as much as is safe without my cane and I think covering larger areas without assistance is also strengthening the thigh muscles that have taken so beastly long to recover. email to the son and some physio, practise the choir hymns for a funeral in Moose Jaw on Monday afternoon and some rest before it is time to make dinner.  A good day happening around here and also for my parents.

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