Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Eye Art

My son is a well trained, talented fine artist.  It is his life and his living.  He gave up his trumpet a few years ago as far as playing any gigs, but still has a great time playing it for his own enjoyment because he is also a talented musician.

My husband's artistic abilities show up in his creative cabinet and furniture making. He can create almost any item of necessity out of whatever old junk happens to be around at any given time. If he is not the modern artist and font reproducer my son is, he can at least still create the old '70's style "hippie" caligraphy if called upon.

As for me and creativity: not so much!  Before arthritis set in I was able to play the piano well enough to accompany a few choirs around our town and at my son's school, as well as teaching some music to elementary children, but to be brually honest I never really enjoyed it.  My heart wasn't in it.  I didn't have the raw musical talent and I didn't have the passion to turn it into anything serious through hard work.  Blah....it earned me some cash in difficult financial times and I did enjoy the kids in the classroom, but beyond that...meh.....

Drawing, painting, writing poetry....SO SO SO pathetically unable!!

I do however have a great enjoyment in playing with eye shadows and eyeliners and amusing myself no end with creative eye art.  Most of it doesn't see the light out day outside my own home of course, but I think I may have missed my calling as a makeup artist.  (Severe childhood allergies to these sorts of products may have accounted for that....ya' think??  It was my second choice after becoming a lion tamer, but a life long allergy to fur bearing animals hatched that idea pretty quickly! hohoho)

In the process of my weekly eye makeup play time I have made a few discoveries about my product preferences.  

I have decided to stick with eye shadow and eye liner sticks that are self-sharpening.  My favourites right now are Covergirl ink it!, Revlon COLORSTAY, and FLOWER Eyes on the Prize Eyeshadow Chubby sticks.  Careful wielding of the Chubby sticks can create a nice thin eyeliner above and below the eye despite the bulbous ends of the sticks.  I love the colours of the COLORSTAY and ink it! sticks at the moment.

Using the sticks that require sharpening has been most frustrating.  Perhaps other people have had better success than I have, but honestly, not being able to grind the end of the sticks to the size I want is frustrating.  My ability to over sharpen has left me with sticks breaking off part way through use, or jabbing myself in the eye or the skin with wooden casing spears if I have under sharpened the stick.  In some cases the stick has separated itself from the wooden pencil-like casing and fallen right out on the floor, or into the sink, or.....rendering them too unhygienic to use.  It pains me to see the better part of an expensive make up purchase laying in the garbage can with all the soggy tissues and cardboard toilet paper tubes.

I am also nursing along a favourite eye shadow that requires a decent applicator: Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow in shades of purple and brown.  Some wonderful mixes of colour come from this particular brand and type of shadow.  I have had this one for a few months, it is nearly used up and I am wondering if that same colour palette is still available or if the colours have changed drastically over the past while.  Next week I will take some time to check that out. I do prefer cremes to powders now that my lids are becoming wrinkled by age.  Powder can clump in the creases.

My husband has a big meeting this coming Saturday morning so I will have a few hours to play around and be as artistic as I want to be, within the confines of my very limited artistic arena. Fun, fun fun!!

Hey...to each their own, right??



chris e. said...

Ask Dear Carpenter Husband to show you how to sharpen 'basically anything,' including eye shadow pencils with an Exacto knife. You could practice the whittling motion on bars of soap, wooden spoons, what-have-you. Once you master the skill, you can put whatever kind of point, and whatever length you need, on anything. It's a skill that's well worth pursuing!

Susan said...

I am all ready well aquainted with Exacto knives from our former carpentry business. I am well aquainted with their ability to slip from my grip and slice off the end of a finger, as well as creating the need for 5 stitches in the finger finger beside the one now missing its tip. Sigh....yeah....Exacto knives. Those would be the ones my husband has forbidden me to ever handle ever again....