Monday, February 29, 2016

Fa La La La La, Etcetera (thank you Walt Kelly and Pogo)

The sinus problems are definitely allergy related. I began treating the problems that way yesterday afternoon and today there is far less pain, my mind is clear and I have enough restored energy to head off to the funeral in Moose Jaw in a few hours. At least I don't sound like Donald Duck today when I talk!

It will be difficult to feel truly sad at today's funeral. The woman who died lived 96 very full years and will be joyfully reunited with her husband, who died quite some time ago. Having that hope of being reunited with loved ones who have gone before, like my paternal grandfather, takes away much of my own fear about death and dying. That is a very special hope of heaven for me. Looking forward to restoration in the Kingdom of God causes my mind to project beyond the actual death experience, ready to be amazed at what God has in store for his people there. We have no idea of the details and for me it adds to the sense of adventure about that next phase of life.

I have been meditating on the way my father has handled his family over the years and I think I may have finally figured out one of the reasons for his iron fisted control of us all. I suspect that it may be partly due to a warped attempt to protect us from harm. When I remember things he has said and done, I am starting to think he believes it is his role to make certain nothing will harm us if he can prevent it. His view of being protective is askew, but I think he would feel personally responsible and guilty, as if he had failed, if dire events occurred. His paranoia when Mom went/goes out alone, his terror that "someone will bonk her over the head" is all out of proportion to reality. When I was hit by a car when I was 18, his self-recriminations about allowing me to be out alone so late at night were over the top. He doesn't want to be held responsible for any bad things that happen to the rest of us. While it does not explain other harmful things he says or bizarre things he does, it does help me understand a possible motivation behind some of his control issues.

Apparently the morning temperature today is -18C. Quite a shock after so many warm days. However, in 48 hours we will be above zero once again. What a fabulous winter.

Have to do some major meal time shifting today to accommodate travelling to the funeral and back. Could have happily remained in bed for another hour, but will just eat at earlier hours than usual on my regular 5 hours between meals schedule.

Did you watch the Oscars last night? I watched everything because I didn't feel well enough to do much else, haha. Chris Rock was hilarious and did a fabulous job of handling the controversy over diversity in representation. I have his opening monologue recorded and will listen to it again. Lots of practical wisdom tucked into his humour. I enjoyed Leonardo di Caprio's acceptance speech. It had a kind humility to it. Learning he is a born and bred California boy has given me more patience with him over his rather ignorant comments in the past about the weather on the Canadian prairies. haha I loved the new screen banners that listed all the people each winner wanted to thank, ran them across the bottom of our tv screens and subsequently reduced the length of all the acceptance speeches...except the one from the winner of the Best Directing Award. He did go on, but he wasn't boring. There were a few additions to the programme that didn't seem to make sense, such as the sketch that included the three Star Wars robots. Either I missed something in the dialogue that explained what they were doing there, or something in the sketch went horribly awry. Whatever happened, the whole thing seemed like an excruciatingly unnecessary programme lengthener. Seeing the glamorous dresses is always fun for me. Lady Gaga looked so beautiful. I was just sorry that her impassioned performance on behalf of the sexual abuse survivors pivoted on a song with such a short set of lyrics sung over and over and over. I don't know what that issue, or most of the environmental issues that also brought on impassioned speeches have to do with the Oscars and I find it annoying, repetitive and sometimes ridiculous. Get on with the actual awards and do your politicking, crusading and protesting elsewhere.

If nothing else, I was reminded why I usually don't watch the Academy Awards. I prefer to wait until the next morning's newspapers to have a peek at the fancy clothes, although some of the hosts' opening monologues are worth a watch. Last night's certainly was.

Time for physio and getting ready to leave for the funeral.  It will be good to see friends from the church there I haven't seen in a long time.  So delighted my husband is able to come with me. This Monday off routine is working out very well for us.

It is a good day thus far, vastly improved over yesterday despite the cold temperature outside.

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