Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Gearing Up For a Good Day

Last night's Japanese dinner led to a wonderful relaxed sleep.  I woke up cheery once again....2 days in a row's a miracle!!!  haha

My day today began with a phone call from my physiotherapist way up north.  He is putting together a full spectrum of exercises for me this weekend and then emailing me the diagrams on Monday.  I will have a look at them and then we will talk again that afternoon.  His review of my x-rays and surgical report included a few things the surgeon had not mentioned, but they were all good things.  I am delighted more than ever now by the progress of the healing.

It is laundry day, a day that involves many trips up and down two flights of stairs throughout the day.  It is grand exercise for remembering to bend my knee properly on the bad leg when I step up on the risers.  It is amazing how quickly bad habits form and real thought has to take place to regain proper muscle movements after an accident.

My dear husband wants to contribute to saving money on the grocery bill each month (apparently by going out to eat in restaurants several times a week???  Wha.....??) by going through his cache of dried lentils and beans and making hearty soups to take to work for his lunches.  Well, haha, in typical fashion he got as far yesterday as cooking up a large batch of lentils and then running out of time to make the actual soup.  So, in between trips up and down the stairs today I will make his soup for him.  Might as well make some spaghetti sauce while I am at it since they share a few of the same ingredients and there is no point in sauteing onions/peppers two days in a row when they can all be done today.

What a happy, busy day this is turning out to be.  Usually I am just a wee bit disappointed when my husband's days off are over and he returns to work for the rest of the week.  As far as spending time together I am SO ready for him to be retired, but as long as his health holds we are looking at a minumum of 6 more years of full time work.  Then, at 70, if he is still capable of doing pulpit supply sometimes  he likely will do that.  He does love his work.

Off to sort some more laundry and finish putting fresh sheets on the bed.  I see the corner stitching on my beloved bamboo sheets is starting to split.  If I can repair them I will, as these are such comfortable sheets year round.  

A happy, busy day and I have the energy to enjoy it and accomplish all the tasks set before me.  I have discovered doing my physio immediately after each meal pumps up my energy.  

Late this afternoon I have a phone call from a good friend in Ontario to look forward to.  Good stuff!! 

Good day!

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