Saturday, February 20, 2016

God Bless You Son

I am grateful to you son for making time in your crazy schedule to talk to me today, to call your grandma and be concerned about your Umpa.  Your serenity is so like your dad's and your care giver giftings are coming out in spades toward us all.
Thank you.......

My dad is now on an anti-seizure medication that will hopefully assist him.  Tomorrow he is having more scans, MRI, etc. etc. etc.  He has been removed from Emergency and taken to a ward for the next week or so.  Mom is a basket case, partly from the worry and stress over Dad, partly because she too has the 'flu' and partly because her kidney failure symptoms are much worse suddenly but she can't get to the doctor until her 'flu' is gone, of course.

My husband's sister called tonight to say that if we need to modify our plans for their visit the next few days they would understand.  That is so kind, but I need them to come here. I need something else to think about. I need to laugh and eat out for a day or two.  If anything happens to Dad over the next couple of days I can't get there until Wednesday anyway, when Mom can be out of isolation...assuming she gets over her illness by sometime tomorrow.  The poor woman is completely overwhelmed.

Once she is better we can seriously discuss my going out there for a couple of days to help her out while Dad is still in hospital, or to help them both if he comes home.  Right now she doesn't need the stress of knowing I am sitting alone in a hotel waiting for her to be better.  My mom is like me: coping with stress means getting a few days alone to realign myself before I have people around.  My mom has had so little time alone in her adult life to do that.  I understand it completely.  Even when I was a very little girl, when I had an illness or a hurt, I didn't want anyone bugging me while I got over it. My parents learned quickly to drop the bowl of chicken broth on a tray and leave me laying in bed for a few uninterrupted hours, instead of fussing over me.  If I needed assistance I would call or ring a small dinner bell.  Mom and I really understand that about each other.  We appreciate that mutal need for healing space.

So, off to bed.  I am tired enough to sleep I think.  However, I am likely going to skip church in the morning as there is an annual meeting afterward and I want to be home before noon in case Mom calls again, or to check up on her mid morning if she doesn't.

You all realize I find this constant ranting on about every stressful detail cathartic for myself and you don't need to read all this stuff and be bored to tears.  I understand that...I release you from any obligation to read these many posts about dying parents....seriously, I do....


chris e. said...

a) you don't prattle and
b) even if you did, you've listened to the rest of us go on about stuff so
c) we owe you, so
d) if it helps, carry on!

Susan said...

Bless you dearest friend!