Sunday, February 21, 2016

Good News From Mom

Mom and I had a good talk this morning.  Dad is apparently holding his own, although he is not much better than he was yesterday.  An old family friend who cares for my parents in my absence went to see Dad last night. Dad was able to sit up and carry on a conversation, although he was a bit confused...not surprising.  The nurse on the phone this morning said Dad had a fairly good night but that he was to rest today, no visitors.  Our family friend was only allowed in last night because the nurse called mom to see if he is family. Mom admitted he isn't but that he had been a friend for 63 years, so they decided that was close enough. Dad asked for his razor to be brought. That is a good sign.  Dad will be lonely if he is conscious at all, but I am glad he isn't allowed non-family visitors.  He desperately needs rest.  This afternoon he is having another brain scan and some other tests.

Mom's good news is that she has had no gastrointestinal symptoms for over 24 hours now. If she has no symptoms between now and tomorrow afternoon she will be able to get out of the suite and rewash the laundry she had to rinse out by hand, then get into a taxi and go to see Dad.  She sounded so much healthier today, it was almost like talking to a different person.  Yesterday she sounded like she could happily keel over and die any second. I encouraged her to rest all afternoon and get caught up before she goes charging off and risks a relapse.

So, for the moment things are going as well as they can.  I hope and pray the anti-seizure meds work for Dad and that he can go home again at some point in the next week or so.  We are taking things one day at a time now....a huge improvement from the one hour at a time stance we had to take over the past two days.

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