Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Goodbye Unique Bistro, Hello India Palace!

Despite the increase in decent restaurants in Regina in recent years, it seems the local population still does not have the palate for truly fine dining. Sadly, our favourite bistro has had to give up on its delicious duck confit and other fabulous menu items in order to remain viable. Surrounding chains like Earls and Chop House are thriving with their overpriced "fast food for the middle class" menus, while truly well prepared, interesting fresh foods that Unique Bistro offered have not caught on. Sigh....

We were very surprised, but not delightfully so, to discover last night that the owners of Unique have been forced to turn their establishment into yet another of the city's many Indian buffets. Yes, the food is as delicious and fresh as the items on their previous menu. There are no other Indian restaurants in the immediate area, so their business has picked up considerably, but for us personally it was a culinary blow to the side of the head. We all ready have a plethora of Indian food choices and enjoyed the bistro menu because it truly was unique.

The owner was happy that we stayed to enjoy the buffet. He even agreed to prepare the last of the chef's award winning cardamom/orange tarts which will no longer be served. The chai brûlée is all ready unavailable. O, I am so very disappointed. Bless that dear man though...he prepared the two remaining tarts for us at no extra charge. Twenty dollars worth of dessert was a lovely way to be thanked for being among the small group of Unique Bistro regulars.

So, we will return for the buffet. My husband can eat everything as all the dishes are mildly spiced for the bland prairie palate, so his tummy has no issues there. For me, as tasty as it was, it was bland compared to Dawat. At least it is closer to home than Dawat, so we will be at India Palace fairly often. The owners and chef are such lovely, accommodating people we hate to let them down!

We are still seeking good western Chinese Food. I like Sushi and I Love Sushi leave a lot to be desired, but their popularity gives us a clue as to why places like Unique Bistro can't survive here.

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