Saturday, February 27, 2016

I Got Cheery and Look What Happened!

Not long after my last post the phone rang. It was a friend from Moose Jaw. She said she was feeling happy and spontaneous, so if I was too, she would drive in for lunch and a movie. Yay!

So, I shut off the laundry, threw on some clean clothes and shortly afterward my friend arrived. We had such fun. She is doing a childrens' story at her church tomorrow, about the fig tree that was fruitless. She made up the most hilarious song from the point of view of the barren tree. The kids will love it and will remember that Bible story for a long time. haha

We had a late lunch at Earls on Albert. The service couldn't have been much worse, but once we actually received our meals we had to agree the food had not suffered from the lack of organization on the part of the day managers who were too busy chatting with friends to bother seating us...or anyone the half empty restaurant. We enjoyed our lunch, but will not be returning any time soon. What a fiasco. My pecan, chicken rocket salad was fantastic as ever, so it was worth it.

Then we spent some time at a small but packed with product gift shop. I never did find out the name of the place, but what a lot of cute, if badly over priced giftware. It was a blast looking through the place. My friend bought me a gift: a pair of bright red socks with pieces of sushi portrayed on them. SOOOO cute! I can't wait to wear them. Thank you so much my friend!

Then we went to see the movie "Brooklyn". It was very slow, but very enjoyable. We had fun watching the excellent portrayal of rural Irish mentality. It was like watching some of my own family members on the screen. haha

Just finishing up the laundry. An old friend of my husband's just called to say he is on town and coming over....he is difficult for me to deal with, so am VERY glad I got my "cheery" back before his arrival.  haha

Better go wash the dinner dishes and finish the laundry. Looks like my hope to surprise a friend in Moose Jaw tomorrow morning to hear her sing has been scuttled by the weather....snowing just enough to melt then freeze on the highway overnight and the temperature is dropping down closer to seasonal for the next few days. Well, in that case I will go with my husband to the congregation he has to visit. That will be fun too.

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