Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I'm Sure Glad So Many of You Are Called To Pray.....

....'cause I have 2 more requests:  one for a well beloved and feisty senior lady I used to be in a choir with a few years ago.  She is dying, may be gone all ready as I write, after a long life.  Please pray for her daughter and family as they watch her pass from this life.  Losing her at her age is not a big surprise but it is never easy to lose a mom of any age.

Also for the husband of another member of the same choir: he had a stroke a couple of days ago and seemed to be recovering but today he had another, massive, stroke and it appears he will not survive it.  Please pray for his wife and family as well. Coping with the shock is so difficult on top of the pain of loss.

Thank you SO much for praying on their behalf.  They are appreciative of the care and concern from complete strangers who care because of Jesus, our common thread.

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