Thursday, February 18, 2016

Interesting Weather For a Prairie Winter

I just returned from a quick trip to the pharmacy. It is like a chilly winter day on the west coast! It is overcast, just above freezing and a thick, damp mist is hanging in the air. I love it! While I would not object to a temperature one or two degrees higher, I certainly enjoyed walking across the pharmacy parking lot with my coat unbuttoned and watching the ends of my newly washed, dried and flat ironed hair beginning to frizz out again. What an awesome mid-February day!

The remaining ice on the back lawn is melting, making an even greater obstacle course on the way from my back door to the car park. Along with hidden, water covered ice patches in the long grass, there is the remainder of last autumn's goose poop to contend with. My hope that our new next door neighbour will find the poop as loathesomely unhygienic as I do and convince his bosses here to find a way to deal with it, well, they will likely be dashed. My husband and I seem to be the only tenants that grasp the health hazards involved with steaming mounds of goose feces all over where people must walk. O well....

This has been the best prairie winter I have ever experienced. We may have some huge storms in March and/or April, but snow rarely lasts long at that time of year.

I hate to even mention it, but could you add Munros to your ever lengthening prayer list? They are old acquaintances of ours whose young adult son and his friend were killed the other day...waiting for more details about what happened. I feel ill again just from the burdens others are carrying that are so much greater than my own. It reflects in my low blood pressure counts over the past two days.

Off to do laundry......

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