Monday, February 22, 2016

Kindness That Makes Me Cry

I have just spent ten minutes sobbing my heart out.  In today's mail there was a sealed white envelope with no writing whatsoever on it anywhere. With some trepidation I opened it, expecting to find some type of advertising at best or at worst a vitriolic message from someone who expresses hatred for Angican priests or Christians in general...yes, that has happened to us before and it is terrifying to be at the receiving end of something like that.

I certainly did not expect to find a beautiful card and hand written note from our former neighbour gal telling us what great neighbours we were to her and her son; how she was happy to know there are still people like us around. My husband was quite touched by her message. I only held it together for a minute before the tears came. What a beautiful thing for this dear young mom to do. She included a photo of her year old son at Christmas....what a cutie patootie!

We felt so strongly that we had failed her and her now ex when they split up and moved out, like we had missed so many opportunities to be kind to them all. Apparently not....thank you Lord for this encouragement that even the small efforts to reach out can mean something to hurting people. O how we miss them, even their crazy dog!

Well, we are greatly encouraged to continue reaching out to our neighbours in any small way we can. We wonder sometimes if people in the complex like us to be friendly or if they would rather be left completely alone. Better to err on the side of friendliness, I think.

We just returned from the provincial museum, leaving our company there to enjoy the rest of the exhibits. My husband needs his regular Monday nap time and I need a snack as we are going for a late dinner and an evening of live blues. We took them on a tour of my husband's church, stopped at I Like Sushi for buffet lunch and for shopping at Oliv for some white balsamic and light olive oils. It was been a happily busy day.

Mom called this morning. The staff at her complex removed her isolation status just before lunch so she could enjoy the special Chinese meal she had a ticket for. I am pleased about that. Dad found a phone outside his room so he called her to say the tests yesterday confirmed he did not have TIAs after all. Everything that happened was the result of the severe dehydration. So, once his electrolytes straighten out and his strength returns he should be home. He has been told he must eat more at meal times as he is not getting the nutrients he needs.

I am going to have a rest now too so I can enjoy our evening out.

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