Saturday, February 13, 2016

Lallo Roses

When my husband was a small boy he could not pronounce the word "yellow".  The closest he could come to that word was "lallo".

Tonight my husband presented me with a huge bouquet of "lallo" roses interspersed with stems of baby's breath.  It is gorgeous!  

Since my husband does not, will not, cannot force himself to acknowledge or otherwise celebrate Valentine's Day I was more than a bit surprised by his gift.  The fact that it was given along with a lovely speech about how he appreciates and cherishes the way I have given up most of my own adult dreams to traipse around the countryside with him, going job to job, place to place, one poverty stricken, illness inducing situation after another for decades, was most touching and I came pretty close to shedding those tears I so despise.

Of course, himself being himself he still could not actually say the words "Valentine's Day" out loud, so instead he wished me an early Happy St. Patrick's Day and winked at me. hahahaha

Thankfully I had a special card to give him in honour of tomorrow's special day of expressing love to each other. This is the first year I almost didn't get him one, but I DO celebrate the day and he would have really been shocked if I had joined him in ignoring it.  (shocked but not hurt....he truly despises the fuss made over the whole thing and sometimes my cards embarrass him)

So, we are both thrilled with these because of the heartfelt token of how much he loves and appreciates me and him because he can be cutely proud of himself for doing something so unusual that I obviously am happy about. haha cute!!!  (even at their most frustrating....yup....)

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