Saturday, February 27, 2016

Lifting The Spirit

From my prayer book:

"Lord, buoy my spirits. I need more joy in my life. Daily living and trials can be so depleting; I just can't do it on my own.  Help me to laugh more and enjoy life again.  Help me to have a childlike, playful spirit--a lighter heart, Lord."

I have caught myself all month missing out on my usual default setting of JOY.  Not like me....I think the stress of so many wounded and dying friends and family has taken a larger toll than I originally thought.  Time to buck up and get back on the Happy Wagon.

Today is a good day...getting lots done around the house, all showered and hair is done decently, laundry now on the go, meals to make and the food is all ready to be prepared now for lunch and dinner. My husband has a meeting with a parishioner followed by a busy afternoon at the office so he is busy and content today.

Colder weather will hit us overnight and we have about three much colder days and overnights before another warm up.  Hopefully the change in temperatures will not be accompanied by freezing rain.  I have a couple of trips to Moose Jaw I want to make...of course on the coldest two days of the three. hahaha  

Looking forward to church tomorrow.  Unfortunately we will be elsewhere with my husband filling in at a different church, but still it will be nice to be worshipping again with a parish group.  I missed two weeks in a row and wow, I can certainly tell I have missed out on that joint sharing of the Lord's work in our lives.

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