Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Our New Neighbour

This afternoon, while we were out shopping, two large moving trucks crossed the remaining snow and ice on the back lawn and delivered our new neighbour and his belongings. We had a chance to greet Steven and welcome him to the neighbourhood. He seems a nice young man. Don't know if he is part of a duo, rooms with friends or is on his own, but wow, it is good to have the stress over as to who will be on the other side of the wall.

I THINK it will work out all right because Steven works for our property management company. He is the person who shows all the suites and apartments for the many properties this company owns. I don't think he or the company would be excited if the neighbours had to report him for noise. Now we pray he is not a smoker, the only remaining concern for us, as there seem to be no dogs in his suite.

Time will tell, but for now we are relaxing a bit. Slowly the stresses in life are lifting. My husband went over to the office right after dinner to put an hour into finishing up his seminar for the office staff tomorrow, as he shows them how to make all the phones and computers work together between offices.

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