Friday, February 19, 2016

Positive Update on Dad. Yay!

I called Dad a few minutes ago and we had a better chat than this afternoon.  He took my advice and called his pharmacist who has a shop only a couple of blocks from dad's housing complex.  The pharmacist was able to reassure him that his symptoms were typical of the "bug" that seems to have hit two of the seniors' facilities in the area and he told Dad he has been sending assistance to several others in Dad's building this week.  That alone made Dad feel better.  When the delivery fellow from the pharmacy delivered some help to the front desk at the complex less than half an hour after Dad had spoken to the pharmacist, it cheered him considerably.  Mom called a friend about some needed household supplies and small grocery items she is running short of and he went out to purchase them for her and delivered everything to the front desk as well to be brought up to the suite by the staff.  So, they both relaxed considerably.

Dad was sitting up watching the news when I called. He had finally forced himself to drink a fair amount of water and he drank nearly a full cup of beef broth for dinner.  He is calming down, his trips to the washroom are becoming far less frequent, so if he can get a good sleep tonight and take it very easy for a couple of days he SHOULD be okay.  

I have been thinking a lot about the changes in Dad's ability to cope with illness and see a major transformation for the worse since he has been on daily morphine over the past 3 years, ever since his spine fractured and will not heal.  I should have realized it sooner just how very much a part of his problems emotionally the addiction is responsible for.  It really has changed him in many ways into someone I don't always recognize and I need to be more prepared to accept where he is at these days.  Mom is struggling so hard with it and I think that makes it harder for me to be sympathetic to Dad.  

I am just grateful he is apparently on the mend after two miserable days.  I hope and pray Mom can avoid coming down with the same thing. The longer the illness hangs on the longer they are going to be isolated in their suite, unable to do laundry and necessary shopping.  Apparently the maintenance folk at the complex have shut down the laundry rooms for the weekend so they can flush sanitizers and disinfectants through the machines so this illness doesn't become an epidemic for the residents.

Again, my gratitude that they have been able to make this move is overwhelming.

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