Sunday, February 14, 2016

Prayer Request From a Friend

Received a request last night from a friend. One of the family nephews just committed suicide at the age of 14. What a tragedy for his family. I have no other information, but please pray for the parents.

I am somewhat ill this morning, but after some prayer I seem to be recovering. I was startled awake this morning, then slammed with instant dizziness....a mild attack of a virus I had over 20 years ago that flattened me completely for about 12 hours before it dissipated. A few minutes ago I was able to down a half dozen whole wheat crackers and a half bottle of water my husband put beside the bed before he left for church. They seem to be settling in my stomach so that is progress! Two hours ago I was clutching a bucket, an now I am sitting upright in bed blogging. So grateful for my praying friends. It is a bit daunting to be alone at home, too dizzy to even turn over in bed. So grateful I am feeling better all ready just at noon.

Will have to miss choir this afternoon, maybe that is a good thing. hahaha Good for you guys at least, since you won't have to read any more about it, haha.

Feeling completely overwhelmed by all the tragedies in the lives of family and friends this week. So many suffering unexpected losses in their seems to get worse every winter here on the frozen north.

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