Saturday, February 20, 2016

So Grateful For This Blogging Page

I am feeling the geographical distance between myself and my family today. Mom just called again. The doctor called from the hospital to say Dad had another TIA while the doctor was with him. This does not bode well, particularly with Dad's family medical history. Mom herself now has this bug, but not to the extent Dad has far anyway. With the stress she is under it is no wonder she is ill.

Since my parents' building is quarantined and Dad is in isolation for another 48 hours at the hospital there is no point in me flying out there. I can't help, or even see them. Mom would be allowed to see Dad as his spouse, but she can't leave her suite now until Tuesday at the earliest. In the past few days her kidney failure symptoms have worsened but she can't go to the doctor until her gastrointestinal problems end.

I feel vaguely nauseous myself, but it comes from the feeling of being so helpless. I guess life for us all is going to be tough for awhile....not unusual for any aging family.

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