Sunday, February 21, 2016

Staying Home This Morning

Although Mom has not yet called this morning, I felt confident that I needed to stay home from church today, just in case.  I was mentally prepared to go, am interested in seeing how this congregation conducts their annual meetings...happening after service this morning...but then I realized how many dear people would be asking me if I am over my illness from last week, how many concerned parishioners would want to know the details about my parents and their medical conditions.  They are a wonderful praying bunch and will certainly do their part to bring God's comfort upon me and my family, but I couldn't face all the conversation today.  That need for space, probably because I get to have lots of company and fun over the next couple of days with my other family, asserted itself as soon as I started making breakfast and thinking about the possible stresses coming over the next week.

So, I did my physio thoroughly, got the breakfasts made and cleaned up afterward, got my husband out the door with a packed lunch to take to the office where he will work this afternoon for a few hours, I set the dining room table for tonight's dinner, figured out exactly what I am going to prepare for a meal and cleaned the bathroom.  It was a good, productive morning right here at home, with no need for any discussion.

In a few minutes I will call Mom and get an update on her situation.  She had no plans to call Dad today as there is little going on there on Sundays and if anything changes the hospital staff will call her.  I want to get the phone number for his unit so I can call and leave a message. He needs to know his family is thinking of him and he probably doesn't know yet that his grandson has been concerned as well. That will cheer Dad up considerably.  I hope he had a good night last night and is resting today, electrolytes restored and no more racing to the bathroom.

An elderly friend passed away a few days ago and her funeral is in Moose Jaw next Monday.  If I do not have to rush to Calgary we are going to the funeral.  My husband adored this feisty, opinionated, eyes twinkling with humour, old gal who fought him every step of the way on the renovation of her beloved church a few years ago.  I sang in choir with her and it will be, all being well, my privilege to sing in the choir at her funeral.  O how we are missing her!!  We were able to give her some rides to and from church the last year we lived in Moose Jaw and had the best conversations with her, laughter, issues, was great!

So, to update you on the prayer requests I wrote about: Peggy has gone on to be with Jesus, but Oliver is starting to recover from his stroke.  How much recovery he will have is very up in the air, as he wasn't expected to recover at all, but he is doing some talking with his family. He is difficult to understand, but even this is more than was expected.  I pray his recovery can be sufficient to give him a decent quality of life. Thanks for your prayers!

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