Monday, February 15, 2016


Feelin' tons better today but not dressed or rushing about, just relaxing and being certain I am over whatever hit me yesterday and made me feel so incredibly lousy.

Well, I finally got my new cell phone set up the way I want it. That, despite the manual specifically written, supposedly, for my phone...the phone that contains none of the actual buttons and icons I am supposed to use to set up contacts, do editing etc. according to the manual.  Through an hour of trial and error I finally figured out what to do with only minimal help from my husband...bless him for letting me do my own cussing at the blasted phone and stupid manual while I sorted it all out.  

I feel great!  Success in this small way with my new phone is a good feeling.  I am such a putz with new technologies and am terrified to try pushing buttons in case I screw something up so totally I have to get actual tech assistance to get things going properly.

I even figured out on my own how to  put the ring tone back on after it not being activated for the past week!!!  YAY!!!

Thank you Lord for answering my prayers and for turning the other way when I cursed at my Christmas gift!! We're good now, right?

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