Thursday, February 11, 2016

Technology, Technology, O What a Pain You Are To Me!

Yesterday was a comedy of errors around here!

I spent the morning waiting for my confirmation phone call from the office manager that I was still included in the day trip to Moose Jaw. No phone call was forthcoming by 10am and we were to leave at 11am, so I decided to give it another few minutes before I contacted her because she is incredibly busy at work and was probably just late calling.

While I was waiting, all dressed up with no confirmation of a place to go, I flipped on the tv to get some news. tv service.  Okay, there have been a few glitches since the fibre optic cable was put in last week, but no time to worry about it at the moment and it would likely come back on in awhile anyway.  I waited a few more minutes then decided I had better call the office manager to confirm my desire to go on the excursion.

Well, guess what? No phone service either.  Unsure of how long the services had been out, I picked up my new cell phone and managed to call the office manager, leave a message for her on her in 2 different locations at the office, in hopes she was still there to get them. Then I called my husband at the church to let him know what was going on. All was well with my phone. I finally figured out how to answer incoming calls without cutting the caller off prior to answering, so I thought pretty highly of myself!  

Pride doth go before a fall:  after I talked to my husband I placed a call to Sasktel to report our missing landline and tv services.  I managed to reach a technician.  However, although I could hear him, he could not hear me!!!  I yelled and hollered and he kept saying, "Hello, hello....okay, I can't hear you, but if you can hear me, hang up and try the call again."  I complied.  This time, wonderful Frieda from Saskatoon picked up.  She is the woman who spent an hour with us the day before trying to get our special long distance ring to work again. (no success whatsoever, we still have no long distance ring despite Frieda's and a service employee's best efforts and no one knows why, sigh...)
Anyway, Frieda couldn't hear me either.  Talk about frustration!!!!

After  I managed NOT to talk to Frieda I went into my cell phone settings and tried to figure out what had happened, but all I succeeded in doing was shutting off the ringer....apparently permanently, as I have tried everything under the sun to put it back on again to no avail.  My husband took a couple of swipes at it as well lat night but no luck.  This weekend I HAVE to get onto the website for instructions on how to make my new cell phone work.  Between being busy with other things and a case of Severe Procrastination, I just haven't done it yet.

So, the office manager got the message and showed up at our previously appointed time to pick me up.  We met up with the other two women in our group and had a great drive to Moose Jaw.  Half way there we ran into some freezing sleet, but our driver is very experienced on winter highways and knows how to actually slow down for poor weather conditions.  We arrived safely, checked out a facility there that may be a possiblity for reasonable rental costs for small retreat groups, then headed downtown to Yvette Moore Gallery for lunch.

The lunch, as always, was delicious, filling while not being overly ambitious in portion size.  Two of us ordered the almond and chicken salad sandwich with cranberry spinach salad.  There is a good amount of filling between those two slices of cracked wheat bread and just enough salad.  Since the cranberries are sprinkled on top and I am not supposed to eat many of them, they were easy for me to remove and put to the side of my plate.  The other two ladies had soup.  The soups were hearty, creamy stews and came with whole wheat baking powder biscuits stuffed with yummy bits of diced vegetables.  Fortunately for me, no one was interested in dessert because I could have been tempted to sneak a piece of my favourite gingerbread cake and lemon sauce.  I was a good girl and had water with my meal instead of the sweetened saskatoon berry lemonade.  So, my lunch was not only delicious, but relatively healthy and low carb.

What fun we had visiting together, the four of us.  It was good to spend time once again with people I don't know very well and get a chance to learn more about them.  We laughed a lot, shared some deep thoughts and life experiences, shopped until we dropped in the Gallery.  Oooh, there were some lovely pieces of pottery BUT I managed to restrain myself!!  Two of my favourite local potters had some pieces for sale at reasonable prices, but the exact size and type of serving bowl I am looking for was not among them, so I purchased absolutely nothing.  My husband was so proud of me, after he got over the shock that I had stood so close to beautiful pottery and not come home with any of it!

Well, when I arrived home I discovered more technological frustration!  Sometime after I left for Moose Jaw the television and phone service had been restored, even though I had not been able to get through to the technicians, BUT the internet was down....completely wired or wireless service whatsoever.  Sigh.....GRRRRRRR.....sigh......

My husband was home from the office in the evening only long enough to bolt down his dinner and grab his cassock and alb before racing to the church for the Ash Wednesday service. I didn't have the heart to mention the latest glitch in our system.  I did tell him the other two services were running again and figured that was enough for the time being.

When he got home at 9pm I told him what was going on with the internet.  He groaned and rubbed his forehead...really hard!!!  That is the closest he usually gets to expressing the frustration he feels.  He decided it could be possible that when the tv and phone services came back on the router and/or modem had not reset properly.  So, he disconnected both of those and then reconnected them to see if the system would reset itself.  Yippee and hallelujah, so it did!!!  This morning it appears that all systems are least so far.

I am going to brave the present snowfall and drop in temperature to go and purchase some books for myself as my supply is running low and I am tired of depending on the church book resale table for "new" ones.  There hasn't been much coming in there of interest in recent weeks.  When I get home I will be testing all three technology services to see if they are  up and running today.  The most upsetting of all is losing that special ring for our incoming long distance calls and the fact that the system's own techs can't seem to get it up and running again.  O well, it is a small issue we can live with. 

Getting my new phone up and running will be a wonderful thing.  I need to get going with that, really I do...... but for now, it is off to Chapters to indulge my reading tastes.  Say, do you  suppose that since I didn't spend any money on pottery yesterday, I could take what I was prepared to spend for that bowl I hoped to find and spend it on books?  Good idea, right???  Of course right!!  

Off to shop!!


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