Sunday, February 14, 2016

Thanks For Praying For Me

Thanks ever so much!  It is just after 3pm, I ate a decent lunch just after 1pm and did our lunch dishes before I had to sit down again.  The dizziness has retreated substantially.  I feel weak but not so disoriented.  Bless you all for your spiritual help with this.

It is time for my annual ECG and I will get that scheduled when I go for my quarterly lab tests the end of this month.  I need to be sure none of the dizziness is heart related.  20 years between sessions like this can indicate something like Right Bundle Branch Blockage, so even though today's and the last episode are more likely viral, my severe heart murmur and family history of heart issues suggests I need to keep my ECG appointments.

As far as the other prayer requests for the parents of the young suicide victim: the same relatives that conveyed the request to me are on their way across Canada on Tuesday to be with those parents and offer their support.  Please pray for them as they travel.  Thanks.

No matter what else is going on today, just being able to look out the windows at the brightly shining sun and the melting of the bit of snow that fell overnight can't help but make me feel better!!

Looking back at my last couple of days of rambling blogs tells me I haven't been feeling that well for the past few days. Sorry for all the rambling on about nothing, but getting how I feel out there for myself to look at often is a great coping mechanism for me and often a reality check.  Bless you for your patience my dear family and friends.

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