Monday, February 22, 2016

The Family India Rubber Ball

Our long time family friend phoned me last evening to say he had been to see Dad again.  Apparently Dad is sitting up, talking away, loving his private hospital room with a view of the reservoir and its beautiful landscape.  There is no evidence whatsoever at this point that he has any damage from any TIAs or seizures.  Other than his electrolytes being seriously out of whack from the dehydration (he lost 2.5 kilos of weight in 4 days!), which may have caused him being so out of it when being awakened from a deep sleep, he seems to be recovering just fine.  He has more scans today and then, if all is well and he can be weened off the anti-seizure meds okay, he will be able to go home in a few days.  Dad is our living India Rubber Ball....from the depths of illness and despair, to a cheery, healthy as possible speciman of a man.  Since his first major heart attack at the age of 42, Dad has had a series of doctors who cannot believe he is still alive after all he has been through.  He "should" have died so many times in the past, but he bounces back resoundingly.  Each time we think "this is it" he comes back stronger than ever.  It is absolutely amazing.  It appears he may be about to pull the same rabbit out of the hat.  However, today's tests should be more definitive so we will see what happens from here. One day he will not bounce back but it has been quite a spectacle to behold him bouncing from one extreme to the other with his health. Friends from his church visited him last night and let him use their cell phone to call Mom. Hearing his voice and the strength that has returned to it was most encouraging for her.

Mom is just fine least she was last night.  Assuming she has no more symptoms of illness she will be able to come out of her isloation at 1pm today.  She plans to go to see Dad if she isn't too exhausted and then to do all the laundry tomorrow that has accrued over the past week.  I was relieved to hear her sounding like herself again as we talked.  Both my parents are so happy that their grandson has been regularly checking their progress.

Our company has arrived.  We had such a good visit last night and we have good plans for today: a tour of our church and the aboriginal paintings that line the walls as Stations of the Cross, a late pub lunch, a tour of the Royal Saskatchewan Museum...which I may skip as I have been there so often and cannot yet do as much walking as is planned for the day....then a late supper at another favourite pub, with some live blues.  More racing around tomorrow. It is nice to live in a place that has actual activities to participate in when company comes to visit.  

So, off to begin my day.  So far so good on the family news front!

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