Saturday, February 13, 2016

Then Suddenly It Is Saturday

Where did this week disappear to???  So little of note actually happened and yet the time has flown past instead of dragging on as would be expected of such a nondescript seven days.

Matters of life and death among parishioners, friends and some relatives have continued to run in the background...last night another old aquaintance of ours, younger than ourselves by nearly ten years, had his life support turned off by his family after a massive heart attack that rendered him brain dead over a week ago.  Another sad loss for another devastated family.   And so it goes.......

My husband has had a productive week of work.  He has only a bit of tweaking for his sermon tomorrow as it is pretty much completed.  This morning he was able to go to the office to get caught up on some projects before going to the home of some parishioners this afternoon for baptismal preparation.  Although he is as forgetful as ever when he has job stresses, his general health is amazingly restored by having the two days off together and regularly.  Not sure how the Family Day holiday tomorrow will effect his week as he always has Mondays off and cannot afford to take a replacement day off right now. Perhaps he can save those long weekend Monday day off replacements and take them in a bloc sometime later this year.

The rest of the immediate family is doing very well. In fact my husband's sister and her husband will be here to visit sometime in the next two weeks.  YAY!  Just waiting to find out when that will be and then we can make some plans to make their visit interesting for them.

My son has entered the cholesterol battle after discovering he has massively high cholesterol for someone his age. Welcome to the family son....both sides of it!  I pray you will have good success in changing your "eat on the go" diet sufficiently to bring those numbers down again.  He isn't even 40 years old!!!!  My dad had his first heart attack at 42, so yes, my son's high cholesterol is a bit concerning to us all.

I was quite excited about our new term in choir.  I brought home the music and spent 2 weeks practising the alto part every day.  Then at last week's practise we had another 4 songs delivered to our folders. Too much music for a choir like ours! Three of the 4 new songs are wickedly difficult for the altos and tenors.  I also found out it is likely that, other than a couple of short solo sections that will also likely go to the usual two or three people that get solos every term, the main solos will be done by a singer from one of our director's other groups.  Hmmmm...while I have no desire for a solo part myself, I have to admit I am getting tired of our choir being used as back up singers for soloists from the other, more adept choirs, who I suspect are brought in mostly to make our director look good. That may not be fair to him, but as far as other choir leaders I have had in the past and in the choirs I have led myself, I have been under the impression for decades that the point of leading a choir is to bring out the best of what THAT choir has for voices and put some real time and effort into the choirs that are not quite the cream of the crop, our choir for example, to help them shine as much as they can.  Our choir concerts are not advertised around the city. It is mostly family and friends who attend.  We don't even sing in a proper venue.  We sing in an old church basement.  Obviously we are not that great in comparison to the other choirs our director leads.  No one expects us to be. We do have some good voices, but there has been room for the rest of us to enjoy singing together and doing a couple of performances each year.  I have begun to realize that only a handful of us in the choir realize we are not being treated well, that we are an after thought...albeit a well paying one...for our overworked director.  However he is the director and we are paying him to direct the way he thinks best.  If I decide I don't want to do this then the onus is on me to move on.  My husband noticed that I only spent one day rehearsing my music this week.  Even now I should be doing that instead of blogging, but my heart suddenly has gone out of it again.  How stupid do I feel???  Pretty stupid!  All this emotional stress over a second rate choir that was supposed to be for fun...what is wrong with me??  There are other choirs to check out and in the autumn I am going to do that.  I will try to hang in with my present choir until our May concert but then I am going to seek a different group.  I do like the music we are doing this time around.  It is worth staying for that.  I do love the people there as well and that always makes leaving difficult without an immediate replacement group.  So there...another long paragraph devoted to emotional struggles for no good reason over a volunteer choir group. Duh..... My husband wants me to quit immediately but I will wait a bit longer.  It feels right to see if my suspicions about what is coming are confirmed or not.  Am I done whinging now?  Yes, I am!

I like part of the daily prayer for today in my wee book:
".....Whether I go out or stay in, joy is with me--because You are there....."

 Whether I go to choir practise or stay in, joy IS with me--because YOU are there!

Today is a stay in day.  We have snow bearing clouds above us, the wind is quite strong and it is a bit colder than it has been.  I don't have the car today and there really isn't anywhere I need to go.  I was going to clean house today but that work was done yesterday.  We don't need laundry yet.  We have all the groceries we need for the weekend.  Everyone I know is either busy or out of town today, so it is going to be a quiet day.  Perhaps it is a good day to read some more of my autobiography of a woman who went through the Second World War in the Ukraine, but whose family was able to manage to escape persecution and war camps to meet up in America after the end of the war.  I don't read many "Christian" books apart from theology books because they are too often poorly written and frankly not very interesting, but this one is  more interesting than some and fairly well written.  The book is: "Goodbye Is Not Forever", by Amy George with Al Janssen; Harvest House Publishers, Eugene Oregon; 1994.

I tried watching the first episode of this season's Amazing Race last night.  Not sure I will hang in for this one.  The contestants are all supposedly prominent social media "stars" of one kind and another.  I haven't heard of any of them of course, age related actually. I would have no interest in what they are airing on the internet.  They are very much involved in current youth culture to a point that I am not.  What is going to make it difficult is that none of them seem to have any sort of differentiating characteristics from each other.  I couldn't see much in the way of personality in any of them, at least nothing that came across on the tv screen.  I'll watch again next week and see if any glimmers of excitement start to show up.

Still enjoying The Blacklist.  I love the twisting plot turns that accompany each episode. I could do without some of the violent portrayals of some events, but it goes with the territory and I can always close my eyes if there is something I would rather not see and let my imagination run wild with later on.  

Shades of Blue is more exciting than I thought it would be so I am becoming somewhat hooked on that programme as well.  More than one programme in one genre is very unusual for me! 

Big Bang Theory's Valentine episode was pretty funny as well this week.  A newly opened door gave us the hint we are in for more fun and joking this season on a new topic.  That will keep it from becoming stale before the end of the season.

So two police dramas, two comedies, (I love The Goldbergs and make no bones about it), a "game show" (which is how I see Amazing Race), and a medical drama (Code Black) make up my weekly tv watching agenda.  I can lose myself perfectly in all the unreal sillyness of these programmes and just forget my own life and circumstances for awhile each week.  

Last night I was listening to some old Steven Tyler/Aerosmith  music....I didn't listen to it when it was at the height of its popularity and I am not exactly "into it" now, but I did find so many of the songs I heard last night to have their origins in the type of lyrics and music performed by pop radio groups in the late 1950's and early 1960's, but with a much more modern rock 'n' roll twist and driving drum rythms missing from those old tunes.  His music seems to be a most fascinating blend of genres and last night it certainly captured my attention.  Crazy,  I Don't Want To Miss A Thing and Cryin' were my faves from the lineup I heard yesterday.  I also heard some Queen me they are like rock 'n' roll meets Broadway!  hahaha  Also some fun songs: Bohemian Rhapsody gives me the giggles every time I hear it.

Okay, enough blithering and time wasting...yours and mine....time to go rehearse my music before lunch.  Nice chatting with (at??) you!

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