Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Trying To Get To The Truth Of the Matter

My mom and I had quite a chat last night.  I have been merrily reporting that Dad's brain scans were definitive that no actual TIA's occured and that his problems were a result of the dehydration.  Yeah.....well....

Apparently the doctor called mom yesterday afternoon after Mom had gone to visit Dad and Mom was given a completely different story.  Sigh....

The doctor said that the tests wre definitive that dad DID have 2 small strokes!  When mom asked her where Dad had gotten the report HE had given her, the doctor said she had no idea because the test results were totally clear and she is the attending physician, the one who has been ordering all these tests and giving Dad the results.  Today she has scheduled heart tests,  as well as limb movement and balance tests at physiotherapy.  Dad has twice fallen and banged up his elbows trying to move from the side of his bed into a standing position so he can pivot into the chair that is right there!  He has been under strict instructions he is not to leave that bed ever without calling for nursing assistance, but no surprise, he doesn't listen. Have the falls been because of the strokes or is he still that weak from the dehydration?  The doctor wants to find out.

Mom was so confused by all this, so I asked her who had given her ALL the previous reports that stroke has not played into his problems.  As I suspected, she heard this from Dad every time they talked.  He was absolutely adamant the tests showed he had not had a stroke.  Sigh....  It is a little bit possible Dad is that confused, but it is more likely he is lying, again, to try to save Mom from worrying even more about him.  When is he going to figure out that being kept in the dark hurts her even more in the long run and could hurt him fatally at any time?  Sigh....

I told Mom that she is better off right now believing the doctor who actually interpreted the test results and assume Dad has had a couple of small strokes.  She agreed after we talked it over.  She said that if he gets home sometime to their suite in the near future, she will be calling for an ambulance at any time he shows any symptoms of being in less than stellar condition.  She also told the doctor, who has decided Dad needs some drastic changes in his meds (and I so agree with her on that one) that she was not to send Dad home until he had been in hospital long enough for the doctor to judge whether or not the changes were going to work!  Good for Mom for standing her ground this time.  She cannot cope any longer with him muddling through meds changes if it isn't going well.

Thankfully Mom has completely recovered from her little episode, got downstairs to the dining room Monday for the special event Chinese luncheon, which she thoroughly enjoyed and got all the laundry completed that has been building up in the suite for over a week. She went to Bingo on her own and plans to attend Happy Hour on her own tomorrow afternoon. I think she is quite pleased with herself, haha.  I am proud of her for stepping out on her own instead of cowering alone in the suite waiting for Dad to arrive and start giving orders.  

So now I am sure hoping we have the correct information about Dad.  Pretty sure we do now that the doctor has contacted mom herself behind his back.  Dad has been on an ungodly amount of Tylenol on top of his hydromorph for the past year and it is no wonder he sleeps a lot now. He has been sedated for months.  I just hope and pray the hospital doctor is correct that changing his meds is necessary and that it buys him more time awake to enjoy life for awhile.

That is what is going on at this point.

We had fun with my husband's sister and her husband again yesterday.  We ate a most delicious brunch at Breakfast Bistro, followed by 2 shows at the IMAX: Humpback Whales which was fantastic, and Wild America which was not very fantastic, but had some great photography.  After a bit of a rest we headed over to Unique Bistro for dinner and I all ready blogged about what happened there.  After dinner the women lingered at the restaurant for awhile then came home here to visit for a couple of hours while the men returned to the IMAX to see the new Star Wars.  I think we had a better time than they did. O my, they were disappointed in the plot to speak off apparently, just a rehash of old plot items and lots of banging and crashing about on the screen.  I am glad now I haven't seen it and I won't bother.  I thought the first three were so cute and I don't want to spoil those happy memories with what has been filmed this time around.

Our company is on their way home today.  Looks like they will have good roads and weather for the trip.  YAY!  It was a lot of fun to have company for a few days so we could get out and do more things on my husband's days off and also it gave me a distraction from the worry on the home front.

From today's daily prayer:

"Lord, help me to find some relief from stress in m life. I need to value rest and make time to relax.  I cast my cares on You, my burden bearer. HELP ME FIND JOY AGAIN IN THE THINGS I LIKE TO DO....." 

.....especially in music..... 

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