Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Quiet Day

Today was a much quieter day than I had originally planned.  Between having a rather poor sleep last night and the raging wind happening outside on this otherwise lovely day, I scrapped my plans to bus up to Cornwall Center for a shawarma salad and window shopping.  

I spent most of the morning on the phone with various family members and that was most enjoyable.  I ambled through lunchtime, watching all the hilarity and incredible events surrounding the present state of the United States presidential election.  By then it was 1pm and I hadn't even started ironing all the clean clothes spilling out of my closet.

So I opted to stay home and get that chore completed. Glad I did.  Then it was nap time, then a fun hour battling my way through the next level of Jewel Quest II on my computer. Now it is nearly time for dinner!

I am glad I set my alarm for 3am today and had some prayer time for Casey and Eli.  It was probably at least some help to them and it ensured I was too tired today to fiddle about in the wind, wasting time at the downtown mall.

All in all it has been a peaceful day.  Occasionally that is exactly what I am unconciously craving.

Last night I sat up late watching Meryl Streep in "Ricki and the Flash". Only for Meryl Streep would I watch something so ridiculous, although that woman can make any character believable.  I had a few laughs after a long evening of intense church teaching and that was a good thing.  It is another in a long string of current movies I am grateful I didn't have to pay for at a theatre.  I think my husband and I will rent "The Martian" on one of his days off this week.  The trailer is kind of interesting and what we heard about it during the Academy and Golden Globe award programmes piqued our interest.

Tonight I should sleep well.  With church in the morning I won't be setting my alarm in the night to get up and pray.  My husband will be home and my son is in the process of healing.  My parents are doing very well these days, making the social rounds and enjoying every second of it, my husband's family enjoying their lives and keeping very busy with music at every turn.  

The cheer that returned the other day is still with me, despite some stress over Eli.  Yup, things are going well for the most part.  Out comes the sun for a few days and away goes the mental doom and gloom.

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