Monday, March 28, 2016

A Wonderful Serendipity

A wonderful thing has happened!

This morning I received an email from my dear friend in Nova Scotia. She is on her way to Calgary in April for a few days of visiting her family.  Since we reconnected over a year ago now after a nearly 35 year loss of contact, we have been able to be in Calgary together twice all ready.  

So, guess when my husband's study leave is April.  Yup, the same time.  We get there a few days ahead of her and she arrives only a few days before we have to leave, but there are several days of overlap so we should be able to work out a visit.  Isn't that amazing??

We are both very happy the way this has turned out. Thank you Lord....I suspect you have something to do with this serendipitous event!  My friend and I have shared some very deep and private griefs and pain over the past few months and have seen some healing answers to our prayers for each other.  

Wow...if it wasn't for the many times God has allowed such things to happen to me I would never believe the timing of our mutual visit to the west.  YIPPEE!!!!

My time in Calgary is showing signs of improvement on a nearly daily basis. I wasn't particularly looking forward to the long drive and the many hours of enforced inactivity that is required when visiting elderly relatives, but now those time will be interspersed with other things that have come up since we booked our time there.  It will make the enforced quiet times more enjoyable as well and I think my parents and I will have a much better time together if I also have things to do and people to see while they attend various appointments and events of their own that week that don't include me.  We will have more immediate things to discuss together.  It is all good.

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