Friday, March 11, 2016

As The Old Hymn Goes, "My Lord What a Morning!"

Today has been rather busy!  It is a bright, warm day, a perfect day to be racing about as I have been, actually accomplishing things. The sun is shining so brightly and the sky is changing from the pale blue of winter to the warmer tones of spring.  While the brown and mud will be upon us for awhile, my least favourite part of prairie scenery, at least I can look up to the sky for weather encouragement today.

I spent the early part of the morning on the internet and telephone, tracking down a possible osteoporosis specialist here in Regina and finding out what paperwork I need to get from my GP to return to Red Deer for another bone mineral densitometry.  There are so many hoops to jump through, particularly now that my osteoporosis specialist from Calgary has retired. They have to be jumped through in the correct order for any appointments to be booked for these tests and for getting on the long, long waiting list for such a specialist here in Regina.  Fortunately past experience served me well today.  I was able to contact the imaging centre in Red Deer and get the info my doctor would have to send in to them, then I headed off to my GP appointment that was all ready booked.  After explaining to her what I needed and why I need to return to Alberta rather than wait for a year or more for a new baseline image here in Saskatchewan, she willingly prepared my paper work and not only faxed it into Red Deer but also gave me a paper copy to take with me when I go to my appointment there, just in case things get fouled up.  I love this woman!!!  She also arranged for me to have my annual ECG on March 21st, right there in the clinic itself.  No waiting for a contact call from the hospital to set something up in the future.  I could have gone next week all ready if my doctor was not away that week.  Wow, this is all great!

The other news that blew me away was when I asked her for the results of my A1C test that was done 2 weeks ago.  It has been 5.4 for the past 18 months, and I was right that it has changed, but for the BETTER!!  This time it was 5.2!!!  YIPPEE!!!!  I am so encouraged to cheat even less and keep on track.  I have 7 pounds to lose that I have gained since the broken hip reduced my daily exercise beyond physio so substantially, but now that too is improving as I am able to walk so much better, more quickly and cover more ground at one time.  Now I will work harder on my cholesterol than I have been for the past few months. It will be tested the end of May again and I want to keep it as low as I can despite my terrible family history with cholesterol.  Avoiding meds is a big deal to me, so I hope to do that in every area of my health for as long as possible, after watching my father taking mountains of pills every day for several decades.  He is excited as well, by the way, because between all his doctors and their recommendations during his recent hospital stay, he too is on a greatly reduced number of doses each day.

I took a side trip to the bank after my doctor's appointment and made another wonderful discovery:  I made a mistake in my bank book recording several weeks ago and actually have a few more dollars in the bank than I realized.  This month in particular, that is one happy discovery!  "Eureka!!" as "they" say.

When I got home I called the Alberta BMD clinic back, paperwork in hand, and was able to get an appointment for the bone densitometry in April, the first morning we will be in Calgary for my husband's week of study leave.  I will have time to drop him at the library he is studying in and make the 2 hour trip to Red Deer, arriving easily in time for my test.  YAY!!!  Amazing how having the proper paper work right in your own hands will set the wheels in motion at these clinics.  

Just after arriving home I was hanging up my jacket and discovered my teaspoon ring was not on my finger where I had put it this morning before going out.  I shook out my coat, checked the pockets, emptied my purse, went outside and checked the back deck and under the deck mats, retraced my steps out to the car, looked all through the car, under the car and looked again on the back lawn as I returned to the suite. No ring!  Well, disappointing, but it was less than a hundred dollars when I got it and my biggest upset about the loss was that perhaps the complex bunny or one of the geese or other birds around here would find it and accidentally swallow it.  I would feel terrible if that happened.  So, I came back in the house, accepting the loss, happened to look down on the dining room carpet and there was the ring.  Whew!!  My fingers have shrunk just enough in the past year that even some of my tighter rings have loosened up and occasionally drop off when my hands are cold.  Guess that is what happened today.  I am thrilled not only to have the ring back, but to know none of the local wildlife will suffer as a result of my own carelessness.

Very early this morning I sent a request to the lady in charge of my parents' complex in Calgary, asking if the guest room was available at all the week we will be there for study leave next month.  Just a few moments ago she emailed back to say it is available for every single night we will be in the city!!!  AND, for an extra $13 a day we can have our suppers in the dining room with my parents!!  I doubt we will do that because they eat at 4:30pm and that is too early for my diabetes and for my husband to get back from the library, but if we want to we can arrange it the week before we go there.

So the day isn't even half over but lots of good things have been accomplished.  My husband leaves for Swift Current right after lunch for the seminars he is helping present at the church there. He has a lovely place booked to stay overnight and will be home late tomorrow evening, hopefully with some idea of the content of his sermon that he must present at church on Sunday morning here! haha

Best go and get my lunch.  Rejoice with me for a day of positivity. ALSO, I am realizing it is nearly a year since my last big struggles with my OCD!  I don't think I have ever blogged about that before, but believe me, it has been a good year with few symptoms to deal with and I am so grateful to God for that! Sometime I will blog about that topic.

The stress of the past month is lifting at last.  Answers to prayer have been more on the YES side than the NO side recently for our family and friends who have been ill and otherwise struggling, the sun is out, it is warm outside, financially we will not be quite as stretched this month as I thought, doctors and specialists are getting booked for me, I see my husband slowly shedding some weight as he changes his diet and is exercising more, all is set up for the week in April in Alberta....yes, I am more aware of the need for gratitude today and less aware of the negativity that accompanies life so often.

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